Choosing the right soft-serve equipment to compliment your business can be challenging. As you would expect from a local leader in the commercial food industry, Commercial Kitchen Services provides a showroom and hands on experience of the Electro Freeze equipment. Working with one of our knowledgeable staff, you can find equipment choices to meet many different needs. Select from single flavor or flavor twist models in high-capacity or space-saving designs. Whatever model you choose, you can count on superior profitability, exceptional durability and easy maintenance, and remember excellent customer service comes with all Electro Freeze soft-serve machines. Call (314) 890-0700 today to schedule a demonstration. For additional information please email us at

Commercial Kitchen Services will help you choose the right Electro Freeze® machine for your business.

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Some of the Delicious Products that you can get from Electro Freeze® equipment is:

  • Soft Serve Ice Cream & Yogurt
  • Slushes & Frozen Beverages
  • Frozen coffees, smoothies and Shakes
  • Hard Pack Ice Cream
  • Gelato
  • Fusion Flavors and Mixing Systems

Commercial Kitchen Services is the leader in Electro Freeze® equipment in the St. Louis Area. Call today to schedule a demonstration.

Key benefits for choosing Commercial Kitchen Services and Electro Freeze® machines and equipment:

  • High Quality
  • Dependable
  • Durabable
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Delicious Products
  • Visually Appealing
  • Outstanding customer service 24/7


Commercial Kitchen Services
I looked all over for a place who supplied Electro Freeze Equipment. I ended up finding Commercial Kitchen Services who had every choice of Electro Freeze Equipment to help me with my business.

The Leading Supplier in Electro Freeze Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Services is your single source supplier for all Electro Freeze equipment. Big or small it doesn’t matter the size we have the equipment that you need. If you need a new machine or new equipment for your business then give Commercial Kitchen Services a call.