Is Your Electro Freeze®
Equipment On A Preventative
Maintenance Program?

Electro Freeze® Maintanance - It’s pretty simple. Preventative maintenance increases the reliability and extends the life of the equipment, increasing profitability and minimizing breakdown. Our goal is to save you time and money while providing you the piece of mind that your Electro Freeze® equipment will continue to work. Commercial Kitchen Services technicians have been factory trained and certified by Electro Freeze®. That means we know the equipment and Electro Freeze® is assured we will maintain their high level of quality and superior durability. Commercial Kitchen Services maintenance programs are designed to meet your needs and the work load of the machine. Call (314) 890-0700 to speak with one of our maintenance experts and learn how we can help keep your Electro Freeze® equipment in top working order. You can also email us at or

Commercial Kitchen Services factory technicians can maintain and service all your Electro Freeze® equipment.


Fast. Reliable. Efficient.

With regular preventive maintenance on Electro Freeze® machines. You can rely on us to be there for scheduled inspections and maintenance to help your Electro Freeze® equipment work and operate efficiently. There are times however, when your equipment will break down unexpectedly, you need a team you can rely on to make needed repairs. CKS provides  fast and reliable service, our technicians are efficient since they already know your equipment. That’s exactly what Commercial Kitchen Services provide for their customers.

Here are a few of the benefits for choosing Commercial Kitchen Services for your Electro Freeze®  equipment maintenance:

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Minimize Breakdowns
  • Optimize Performance
  • Experienced Factory Trained Technicians
  • Knowledged with Electro Freeze Equipment
  • Saves Time

Commercial Kitchen Services helps you Save Time and Money.

Are you experiencing a problem with your Electro Freeze® equipment and not sure what to do about it? Commercial Kitchen Services can take away the frustration. Commercial Kitchen Services is able to perform an evaluation of your Electro Freeze® equipment and decide a repair maintenance program that is tailored to the machines workload.

No longer do you have to try to figure out how to maintain your equipment or wonder who can help. Commercial Kitchen Services is always there to help take care of your needs. Our preventive maintenance will help take away future costs by avoiding major breakdowns. Commercial Kitchen Services provides the best value and is always prepared to keep your Electro Freeze® equipment in the best possible condition. Call Us Today!


Sarah Young

My Electro Freeze Ice Cream Machine broke down so I called Commercial Kitchen Services. They were quick to arrive and fix my machine to perform as good as new.

Melissa Johnson

I'm so glad I called Commercial Kitchen Services when my machine broke down. They had it back up and running in minutes. I highly recommend them!

Bob Levene

The maintenance team at Commercial Kitchen Services not only fixed my Electro Freeze Ice Cream Machine, but they were also a great team to work with by making sure that everything was working properly in a professional and polite manner.

Electro Freeze Maintenance Experts

The highly trained experts at Commercial Kitchen Services knows how to fix all equipment. There isn’t a problem to big for our maintenance experts. Give us a call for service on your machines and we will repair it promptly..