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a844cfbc-8cff-464c-a95b-c6f20854f422We’re proud to announce that we are the authorized supplier and service provider for Electro Freeze® machines in Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois.

Soft Serve, Slushes, Shakes, Hard-pack, Gelato, Mixing

Electro Freeze® manufactured the first soft serve ice cream machine in 1946. Seven decades later, Electro Freeze® continues to manufacture a line of dependable machines for numerous applications that consistently produce delicious frozen products that are of the highest quality and are visually appealing.

Why do so many establishments choose Electro Freeze® machines? Because, they are easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to turn into profits.

Electro Freeze® Machines

Electro Freeze® machines make tantalizing products that customers crave. The durability and dependability of Electro Freeze® equipment is the result of seven decades of industry innovation and leadership. Electro Freeze® machines are built with the end product in mind. As a result, they make the most consistent and highest quality products available. Today, with over 40 models of equipment to choose from, you’re sure to find models that meet your needs.

To learn more about Electro Freeze® machines:

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As the authorized distributor of Electro Freeze® in Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois, we are your one-stop shop for machines, service and parts.

We can help you select the right machines for your products. We will setup and startup the machines, and teach you how to properly operate them.

Contact Steve Pizzo: 314-713-5045 or

For your Electro Freeze® equipment, we will deliver the same high quality, fast and reliable service you have come to expect. Our experienced, factory-trained technicians will help you keep the equipment in good working order with planned maintenance and service which is essential to their dependability, product quality, and your profits.

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If you need an Electro Freeze® part, we stock the most complete inventory in the region, and our knowledgeable parts department can help you find the part that you need.

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