Ensure Tasty Fried Foods with Quality Cooking Oil and Equipment

The taste and quality of your food is important to please your customers and ensure that they leave happy. In the food service industry, deep frying is a fast and popular way to cook, but there are certain parameters to follow when using this method.

The two main factors in serving quality fried food are to properly maintain your equipment and use high standard oil. Thoroughly cleaning your fryer every day prevents build-up on it. Selecting the right frying oil means that it has no flavoring and can withstand high frying temperatures.

Here are some important benefits for keeping up with your fryer and frying oil:

  • Food noticeably tastes better
  • Fried foods are properly cooked, resulting in no health issues
  • Oil holds up through high temperatures and prevents contamination
  • Excellence and lifetime quality of frying equipment is extended
  • Money is saved

Additional Resource

The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) provides a more extensive list of guidelines to produce quality food from your fryer, keep your kitchen safe, and work productively.